Monday, February 9, 2015

Dear Wonderful You: Interview with Contributor LIZ SEMONS

Letters to Adopted & Fostered Youth

Interview with Contributor:
How did you become involved with contributing to Dear Wonderful You: Letters to Adopted & Fostered Youth?
I was searching for writing projects to be involved in and either ran across the ‘Dear Wonderful You’ [call for submissions] on Facebook or by googling “adoption writing projects”.

Tell us about a memorable letter you have received. How did the letter impact your life?
Well, it was from my son, who was away at the time (and still is).  Just when I thought I failed as a parent, his letter was about expressing that what I had taught him was instilled in him, and that the poor choices that he had made were his, and did not have anything to do with me. This brought me much peace.

When you reflect on who you were as a child—what three words would you use to describe your younger self?
Musical, Creative and Athletic

Pick one: pencil, pen, sharpie, crayon—
I would choose pencil with an eraser! (Just in case)

If you were having a really bad day, what song would you listen to?
I would probably write one! J Since I have been in reunion many of the songs I have written I call “Adoption Songs” because adoption has been heavily on my mind and it is where a lot of emotions that I could not express lie. I find putting these thoughts into a song form is a great way to get the message across as to what it means and feels like to be adopted.

If you were having an amazing day, what song would you listen to?
I would probably write one! J As far as my songwriting—when I was a little girl I took piano lessons and have always been musical. Music lives in me. I find music has always been my escape and my way of expressing myself. (My thoughts, stories, and emotions.) They could be happy or sad emotions. The process is the same if I am writing something sad or happy.
I just think it is from having a musical background and a lot on my mind and maybe nobody to share it with. Even as a little girl I have always used it as a form of expression. I believe that even if I never sell a song in my lifetime I will write them for the rest of my life.

Pick one: morning, afternoon, evening, late night
Anything but morning! No, evening is my favorite time. It is my free time.

Name a literary character whose “character” you find admirable. Why?
Superwoman— or any character that resembles a woman’s strength. Why? Because women are so extremely strong and it is important to recognize this in ourselves and others.

Pick one: blank piece of paper, lined piece of paper, piece of construction paper—
 I would say a blank piece of paper! Anything is possible when you start from scratch.

Describe your perfect dessert.
Ice cream with lots of chocolate candy in it!

Would you describe yourself as superstitious? Why or why not?
Yes I am, and not in a creepy way either, but in a spiritual way. I believe things happen for a reason and yes sometimes we are sent signs.

When you are writing, do you prefer silence or sound? Why?
I prefer sitting outside... so the sound of the outdoors for me.

Pick one: Coffee, tea, water, soda—
Oh— I drink a ton of coffee!

What is the first thing you do when you get out of bed in the morning?
Take sinus medicine.

Tell us about your life now. What are you working on? Do you have any projects recently released or in the works?
I still have my memoir “Strength of the Broken” written but not published. I plan to self-publish this year as soon as I know it is the best it can possibly be. So I am polishing. I will also need to change all of my character names.


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