Wednesday, June 1, 2016

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Black Anthology: Fostered & Adult Adoptees Claim Their Space


Fostered & Adult Adoptees Claim Their Space

Project:  The AN-YA Project is dedicated to empowering the voices of all adopted and persons who were fostered. In their next upcoming manuscript— The AN-YA Project is thrilled to announce that it will co-edit an incredible anthology with nationally known adoption, race educator and activist, Susan Harris O’Connor, on a book solely dedicated to Black Adoptees and Black Persons who were fostered. It will be the first global anthology of its kind to bring together those who are connected by the Black/African Diaspora in adoption and foster care. This includes those who are multi-racial/ethnic who have or believe they have Black/African parentage. This anthology will be a collection of personal encounters, viewpoints, artistic expressions, artistic interpretations, and goals for the direction fostered & adult adoptees are headed.

Requirements to submitWriters and Artists must be (18+ years old) and must consider and identify themselves racially Black/African or part racially Black and be either an adult adoptee or an adult who had spent time in foster care or an orphanage as a child.

Submission Process and Guidelines:
Original Work Only. Seeking: Essays, Poetry, Lyrics, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, etc.. Font: Times New Roman. Line: Double Spaced. Maximum Submission Word Count: 2000. Please submit your work in a Word document via email to [DianeChristian] (remove brackets) Please include a brief bio with your submission (100 Word Count). Contact us with any questions.

 Original  Work Only. Please submit your artwork (Black & White only) as a photographed or scanned high resolution jpeg w/ a 300 ppi . Email to: [DianeChristian] (remove brackets).  Include a brief bio with your submission (100 Word Count). (Seeking artwork which can be reproduced in Black & White for printing purposes.) Contact us with any questions.

Deadline for Submissions-

                                                August 1st, 2016

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